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Gravity Wack was made as part of the 2nd Tiga GameHack in November 2013. It was made in 24 hours in a team of 5 on the theme of "Childhood". The game is a 2 player death match that pits a stuffed bear and toy squirrel against each other in child's room on a space station armed with bats and grappling hooks.

The team that made Gravity Wack was 3 coders, 2 artists and a designer. I wrote the majority of the code myself in C# since 1 coder specialized in 3D mathematics, the other was mostly doing project management and I was the only one with unity experience. The original concept was originally based around the mental image of a teddy bear being sniped in the head. However, we managed to out scope ourselves by going for a system where gravity pushes out from the inside, hitting people in close combat and making grappling hooks. This meant working around Unity's new 2D physics engine and tweaking it to work as we wanted, which took a bit of doing.

While the game's not great I did learn a lot from the experience, the biggest thing being coding in C# in Unity, but also working in a team with more than 1 coder which I'd not done before at a jam. I was in charge of the main gameplay programming and the other main coder was in charge of the vector transformation math required for the circular gravity.

Published Mar 31, 2015