A downloadable game for Windows

Salty Sea Dogs is a top down ship game built in 8 hours for the 2013 Pie and Mash Game Jam in Brighton. It's fairly simple, based around moving between islands and firing at stationary targets, keyboard controls are used to move and firing is controlled by the microphone, to represent barking orders.

The game jam was rather short but I managed to get a lot done, including my first use of water and Terrain in Unity. Plus the idea of using sound to interact the game was new and took a bit of doing, but I found a script to sample the current volume from the mic. This is then sampled and averaged over 100 ticks and the current volume is then checked against the average, this means that the cannons only fire when a noise is loud compared to the background noise rather than just going off all the time in a loud environment.

Forward: W
Left: A
Right: D
Fire: Bark
Exit: Esc

Published Mar 31, 2015

Install instructions

Download the .exe and run on pretty much any windows computer.


seadogs.exe 10 MB